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French Fear of Apocalypse, and 2012 Mayan "Prophecy"

A recent news item discussed serious pessimism in France leading to fears of mass suicide in the country, perhaps in connection with fears over the Mayan "prophecy of doomsday" in 2012. CNN reported: Paris (CNN) -- The specter of a mass suicide tied to the widely predicted end of the world in December 2012 has […] A Brief History of Doomsday

In response to another failed doomsday prophecy, and in anticipation of the next to come in 2012 in connection with the Mayan calendar, a nice graphic comparison of various cultural, religious, and secular doomsday prophecies and scenarios from Related posts: "Doomsday America: The Pessimistic Turn of Post-9/11 Apocalyptic Cinema" "Pop Culture Explores the Apocalypse" […]

2012 and Mayan Calendar of the End

Several weeks ago I first saw the trailers for 2012 in movie theaters and on television. The trailer depicted a man and his family making a last second escape from apparently worldwide destruction as homes, buildings, freeways, and entire landscapes crumbled around them in a catastrophic upheaval. A small private airplane with the family on […]

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