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George Clayton Johnson and the Legacy of The Twilight Zone

Today I was thumbing through the June 2012 #123 edition of Rue Morgue magazine and an item caught my eye. In honor of a new Twilight Zone collection coming to Blu-ray, the magazine interviewed George Clayton Johnson who discussed his contribution to that classic series. Johnson is the writer of several episodes of the series, […]

Beware of.....Mant!

Matinee (1993) by Joe Dante, is a marvelous yet neglected comedy film tribute to 1950s science fiction/horror. It brings together a number of elements, from 1950s science fiction to the showmanship of William Castle to the cultural tensions and fears of doomsday associated with the Cuban Missile Crisis. A facet of Matinee is the film […]

Forthcoming Documentary: 2001: Beyond the Infinite: The Making of a Masterpiece

Today we have the luxury of enjoying any number of big budget science fiction films. For younger fans it's easy to take this for granted. But some of us remember when this was not the case. Along the way to our present state of science fiction and fantasy reigning at the box office, various gems […]

Cinefantastique Online: House of Usher - A 50th Anniversary Review

My contribution to Cinefantastique Online's 50th anniversary reviews and retrospectives from films of 1960 is now available as I look at House of Usher (alternatively The Fall of the House of Usher). This film was a pleasure to revisit as one of my favorites growing up. Roger Corman excelled with a series of horror films […]

Celebrating 50 Years of The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling Conference at Ithica College

The discussion list for the Popular Culture and American Culture Associations included an item recently of interest to TheoFantastique. Ithica College is hosting a Rod Serling conference in October 2009. As the college event's website describes the event: Picture, if you will, a place where communication students can study the creative work of one of […]

Planet of the Apes Blue-Ray DVD Release

I'm a little late in promoting this information from a press release from Fox announcing the Blue-Ray DVD release of Planet of the Apes this November. I am a huge fan of the franchise as a formative one in my childhood interaction with sci fi, and last night's research in trying to track down Eric […]

"The problem with horror movies is...": Reflections on our cultural context

The League of Tana Tea Drinks (LOTT D) elite group of blogging horrorheads is putting together another unity blog, and one of the topics for discussion involved an invitation to complete the following sentence: "The problem with today's horror movies is..." Contributors were given the opportunity to finish this sentence in keeping with its negative connotation, or take another […]

1960s Counterculture, Dark Shadows, and New Mythologies

I have been reading a number of book on the historical and cultural context of the 1960s counter-culture in American, and one of the books I have found helpful and relevant to this blog's context is Robert Ellwood's The 60s Spiritual Awakening: American Religion Moving from Modern to Postmodern (Rutgers University Press, 1994). Ellwood includes […]

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