New series: Horror and Scripture


Lexington Books/Fortress Academic is pleased to announce a new series: Horror and Scripture. The series seeks monographs that explore horror, monsters, and the monstrous in early Jewish and Christian scriptures (including canonical and non-canonical texts). Books in the series will be grounded in the disciple of Biblical Studies, but will exhibit a wide range of methodological diversity, including, for example, Film Studies, Psychoanalytical Theory, Anthropological Approaches, Monster Theory, and Postmodern Readings. Monographs should aim for a target audience of graduate students and scholars.

For details on how to submit a manuscript, please contact Brandon Grafius and Kelly Murphy at

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  • Carl Rosenberg says:

    Many thanks for posting the wonderful artwork of Gustave Doré--it adds a lot to my reading of Biblical lore, fantasy, and any related topics!

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