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Call for Papers - Supernatural Cities: Narrated Geographies and Spectral Histories

The Open Graves, Open Minds Project unearthed depictions of the vampire and the undead in literature, art, and other media, before embracing shapeshifting creatures (most recently, the werewolf) and other supernatural beings and their worlds. It opens up questions concerning genre, gender, hybridity, cultural change, and other realms. It extends to all narratives of the […]

Salt Lake Comic Con presentations

My complete panel list for Salt Lake Comic Con. Some great and thought provoking discussions, two of which I moderate. Harry Potter is My Bible: Fandom as Faith Thursday September 21, 2017: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm People turn to fandoms for more than just entertainment. We find comfort and inspiration, guidance and even spirituality, […]

Titles of Interest - "Living with the Living Dead: The Wisdom of the Zombie Apocalypse"

Living with the Living Dead: The Wisdom of the Zombie Apocalypse by Greg Garrett When humankind faces what it perceives as a threat to its very existence, a macabre thing happens in art, literature, and culture: corpses begin to stand up and walk around. The dead walked in the fourteenth century, when the Black Death […]

"The Strain" and Recanted Faith

Last night "Belly of the Beast," Episode 5 in Season 4 of The Strain aired. Once again this series included a theological nugget. This one came via the scene where Abraham Setrakian was laying in a hospital bed where he was discovered by Thomas Eichorst, his long-time vampiric enemy. Eichorst had previously lost track of […]

CFA: Gothic Animals: Uncanny Otherness and the Animal With-Out

The boundary between the animal and the human has long been unstable, especially since the Victorian period. Where the boundary is drawn between human and animal is itself an expression of political power and dominance, and the ‘animal’ can at once express the deepest fears and greatest aspirations of a society' (Victorian Animal Dreams, 4). […]

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