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Change of paranormal and conspiracy in 'The X-Files' Reboot

Jess Peacock, author of Such a Dark Thing, posted his Facebook criticism of last night's premier of the new The X-Files series reboot. In his view the dramatic shift in scrapping the reality of the UFO and abduction phenomenon in favor of a new set of conspiracies is akin to the 1980s television series Dallas […]

New research on ancient origins of fairy tales

The has an interesting story on the ancient origins of fairy tales titled "Fairy tale origins thousands of years old, researchers say." The story tells of the research at the Universities of Durham and Lisbon that reveals that some basic fairy tale ideas go back quite some time: Using techniques normally employed by biologists, […]

Call for Papers - Supernatural Cities: Exploring the Urban Mindscape

Supernatural Cities: Exploring the Urban Mindscape Saturday 30th April 2016 University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK Keynote Speaker: Professor Steve Pile, Open University Call for Papers: Where do urban supernatural stories and beliefs come from and why do they survive in our modern cities? What is it about the nature of the urban environment that encourages […]

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