Missing in the Mansion

TheoFantastique has been quiet for a while because I have been on vacation, enjoying a week with my wife at Disneyland in California. To get things going again, and in honor of one of my favorite rides at the park in the Haunted Mansion, I present this indie horror short Missing in the Mansion. This film combines the best of Disney's beloved ride with found footage horror. The credits for the film indicate that this is an independent production not done with Disney Studios, so the filmmakers ability to combine special effects footage of the actors, including a young ghost and the hatbox ghost with footage from the ride itself into a seamless video is impressive. The result is a fun piece. It was produced by Josh and Jeremiah Daws, and you can learn more about this film here. For more on the Haunted Mansion I recommend Secrets of Disney's Haunted Mansion.

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