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The Teeming Brain Podcast #1: “Cosmic Horror vs. Sacred Terror”

I was privileged to be a part of a good group in a podcast discussion at The Teeming Brain through an invitation from my good friend and colleague Matt Cardin that addressed "Cosmic Horror vs. Sacred Terror." Following is their description of the subject matter: Do nihilism and cosmic meaningfulness stand in fundamental tension with […]

Men in Suits: An Interview with Frank Woodward

Computer-generated imagery and motion-capture are all the rage in special effects today, but actors in monster suits can still be found as well. They tap into a form of special effects work, as well as an art form, that goes back for decades in cinema. Frank Woodward and the team at Wyrd Films have produced […]

King Kong as Epic Musical Theatre

King Kong is now being transformed into an immersive stage performance via puppetry and robotics. The preview performance is scheduled for May 2013 at the Regency Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. Visit the website for additional videos. I hope it becomes an international touring event.

TheoFantastique quoted in academic volume

While doing some research online yesterday I discovered that TheoFantastique was quoted in an academic volume. The book is Religions of Modernity: Relocating the Sacred to the Self and the Digital (Brill, 2010), edited by Stef Aupers and Dick Houtman. This volume references TheoFantastique (read it at Google Books) and quotes from an interview with […]

Psycho and the Death of God

Entertainment Weekly online currently features an essay that looks back at the mystique of Psycho in light of the new film Hitchcock. The essay includes this gem: Why it really is about the death of God. Like just about all the greatest movies, Psycho works on the level of myth. It starts out as a […]

Zombies with a Romantic Twist: Trailer for Warm Bodies

Romance in connection with monsters has usually been reserved for the vampire, and the occasional monster who has the misfortune of falling in love with a human female as in King Kong or Creature from the Black Lagoon. But the trailer for a new film, Warm Bodies, shows that the zombie is now being drawn […]

The AckerMonster Chronicles!: A Review

I recently received a review copy of The AckerMonster Chronicles!, a documentary on the life of Forrest J. Ackerman. What else is there to learn that hasn't been said already about this man who made a career out of being a fan of the fantastic, as well as being a literary agent and an influence […]

Missing in the Mansion

TheoFantastique has been quiet for a while because I have been on vacation, enjoying a week with my wife at Disneyland in California. To get things going again, and in honor of one of my favorite rides at the park in the Haunted Mansion, I present this indie horror short Missing in the Mansion. This […]

Happy Birthday Bram.

TheoFantastique wishes Bram Stoker a very happy and horrific 165th birthday.

La Santa Muerte: Mexico's Saint of Sacred Death

This morning I was catching up on various essays at Religion Dispatches and I came across one that especially caught my attention. It was titled "Death Couture: Not for Halloween Only," with the byline "De-exoticizing Mexico's patron saint of death," by Stephen Andes. This fascinating essay describes La Santa Muerte, translated as "Holy Death" or […]

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