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Emory University Conference on Neuroscience, Zombies, and 'Zombethics'

I am amazed at the opportunities and invitations that have come my way since I extended my academic work into the area of religion and popular culture. This has included writing for publications like Religion Dispatches, where among other things I have written on the intersection between zombies in popular culture and theology. In that […]

The Birds in Select Theaters

Forthcoming Documentary: Men in Suits

The latest documentary project from Wyrd and director Frank Woodward is Men in Suits. Readers may recall that Woodward was interviewed here previously on his fine documentary exploring the life, work, and influence of H.P. Lovecraft. Here's the description for Men in Suits: Godzilla… Chewbacca… Predator… Robby the Robot… These are some of the most […]

The Zombie Mob Podcast: Discussion of [REC]

Recently, I was a guest on The Zombie Mob podcast along with Kim Paffenroth, author of many books including Gospel of the Living Dead, and Scott Poole, author of Satan in America and Monsters in America, and all of us contributors to the forthcoming The Undead and Theology. Our host was Darryl Pierce. In the […]

Cracked Satire Helps Us Think About Horror and Sci-Fi

Star Trek: The God-Thing

Yesterday on Facebook I came across an image that is making the rounds by skeptics. It was a photo of Mr. Spock from Star Trek with a quotation that expressed serious skepticism about God and how the deity is portrayed in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The quote was attributed to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I […]

The Possession Presents Jewish Perspective on Possession and Exorcism

The Possession is Sam Raimi's most recent horror film, and it also represents Hollywood horror's latest installment in our ongoing fascination with the idea of possession by a dark spiritual force and the related process of exorcism. What makes Raimi's film different from so many of the films that explore this theme is it's Jewish […]

Obituary: William Windom

Veteran character actor, William Windom, recently passed away at the age of 88. His body of work included roles in science fiction and fantasy/thriller, such as the part of Commodore Decker in the Star Trek original series episode "The Doomsday Machine," an episode of Night Gallery, and episodes of The Twilight Zone, including the classic […]

Call for Papers - The Age of Lovecraft: Cosmic Horror, Posthumanism, and Popular Culture

Call for Proposals: The Age of Lovecraft: Cosmic Horror, Posthumanism, and Popular Culture Editors: Carl Sederholm ( and Jeffrey Weinstock ( 250 word proposals are sought for chapter contributions to an edited scholarly collection on H. P. Lovecraft and his place in 21st century literature, film, media, and popular culture. This collection will consider the […]

Trying My Hand at Toy Hunting

I've been collecting various action figures, Halloween decorations, and pieces of memorabilia related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror films for a number of years. But two television programs stirred an interest in doing some part-time toy hunting and selling. Last year's program Comic Book Men on AMC, and the new series Toy Hunter on […]

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