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Relegere Call for Papers: Histories of the End

CALL FOR PAPERS - Histories of the End In 2012 Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception will publish a special issue dedicated to reception histories of the end times, however they might be imagined, in religious contexts. We welcome reception histories not only of Christian imaginaries of the book of Revelation, but also of the […]

Open Minds: UFOs Invading Hollywood

Open Minds magazine features a cover story on "UFOs Invading Hollywood." As the title indicates, it looks at the long and continuing history of Hollywood fascination with UFOs and aliens, and how the industry is trying to keep up with meeting public demand for narratives in film and television that include these elements. A preview […]

Relegere Reviews The Lure of the Dark Side: Satan and Western Demonology in Popular Culture

The publication Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception, includes a book review by Steve A. Wiggins of The Lure of the Dark Side: Satan and Western Demonology in Popular Culture, edited by Christopher Partridge and Eric Christianson (London: Equinox, 2009). The review touches on a number of areas covered by contributors, including a chapter describing […]

Scientists: Aliens May Invade Earth Because of Global Warming

Once again science fiction intersects with reality. In a recent example media reports brought together concerns over global warming with the fears of alien invasion. The Guardian described one possible scenario: It may not rank as the most compelling reason to curb greenhouse gases, but reducing our emissions might just save humanity from a pre-emptive […]

Call for Papers: Ecology and Science Fiction

CFP for edited collection - Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction Editors: Gerry Canavan and Kim Stanley Robinson ( Abstracts due August 31, 2011 Final essays due Summer 2012 We are seeking proposals for an edited collection tentatively titled Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction, with completed essays due in Summer 2012. We seek contributions […]

TIME: Guillermo del Toro on His Man Cave, and the Fantastic as Religion

TIME magazine features the piece “10 Questions” with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro from the new September 5 issue which is online today and which will be on newsstands tomorrow. Here is an excerpt from the interview with questions and responses of interest to the focus of TheoFantastique: You have an interesting living situation, with a […]

Beware of.....Mant!

Matinee (1993) by Joe Dante, is a marvelous yet neglected comedy film tribute to 1950s science fiction/horror. It brings together a number of elements, from 1950s science fiction to the showmanship of William Castle to the cultural tensions and fears of doomsday associated with the Cuban Missile Crisis. A facet of Matinee is the film […]

Joseph Laycock on Top 10 Misconceptions of Vampires at Buzznet

Joseph Laycock, author of Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampires (Praeger, 2009), discusses the "Top 10 Misconceptions of Vampires" at Buzznet.

Recession and The Architects of Fear

There are stimulus plans, and then there are stimulus plans. In one of the strangest intersections between the fantastic in popular culture and politics, an economist is drawing upon the idea of alien invasion to get us out of the recession. As an opinion piece in The Week writes: There's no shortage of ideas on […]

CFP - MYTHOS: Screening Classical Mythology on Film and Television

CALL FOR PAPERS “MYTHOS: Screening Classical Mythology on Film and Television” An area of multiple panels for the Film & History Conference on “Film and Myth” September 26-30, 2012 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Deadline: June 1, 2012 From the earliest beginning of cinema, and throughout the history of screen entertainment, filmmakers and television producers have […]

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