The Undead and Theology Essay Collection Selected

An idea that brewed in the fertile brains of Kim Paffenroth, Matt Cardin, and myself, has taken a major step toward becoming reality. Working with Kim Paffenroth as co-editor, and having sifted through a number of submissions after a call for papers, we have chosen the lineup for an upcoming essay collection on THE UNDEAD AND THEOLOGY. This will be a volume similar to Open Court's series of volumes that look at philosophy and various aspects of popular culture. Our volume will not only consider vampires and zombies, but also cenobites, Golems and other forms of Jewish folklore creatures as objects of theological reflection. THE UNDEAD AND THEOLOGY will include essays by:

Arnold T. Blumberg
Jessica DeCou
Hannah Gilbert
Vicky Sue Gilpin
Joseph Laycock
Jarrod Longbons
John W. Morehead
Ashley John Moyse
J. Ryan Parker
Brian Solomon
Ben Stovell
Andrea Subissati

My own contribution will be a chapter tentatively titled "Zombie Jesus, Zombie Walks, and the Eschatology of Postmodern Flesh." Publisher and release date TBA in the weeks to come.

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  • Matt Cardin says:

    Excellent! Sounds like it's coming together quite nicely.

  • [...] John Morehead, of TheoFantastique, has just announced the contributors to the upcoming volume on Theology and the Undead. Cannot wait for that one. Share, if you [...]

  • Ivan Wolfe says:

    Very cool. I could see this as the start of a new series, much like the Open Court (and other Publishers like Blackwell) "Philosophy and" series.
    "Theology and Start Trek" (Well, there was "Start Trek and Sacred Ground" several years ago) or "Theology and Star Wars" (especially with people claiming Jedi as a religion on census forms). This could be the start of something very cool. Best of luck!

  • Ivan Wolfe says:

    "Star Trek" in the above comment. Both times. How embarrassing.

  • I wish I would've known this when it was announced. Oh well. I'm looking forward to the volume. If you're thinking about publishers, Wipf and Stock would probably be a good fit.

  • Ivan, I think you may be right about this becoming a series. I hope so. D. W. if this happens you can submit an abstract for consideration in the future.

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