Program Premier: National Geographic's Beast Hunter

Surveys indicate that two-thirds of Americans have experienced or believe in various paranormal phenomena. This is evident in the fact that not only do channels like SyFy and the History Channel include documentaries or pseudo-documentaries on the paranormal, but now so does the National Geographic Channel. This will be the case with a new program Beast Hunter hosted by "Pat Spain, a biologist and explorer who travels the globe in search of mythical creatures, immersing himself amongst the tribes, people and cultures on his quest to find the truth between fact and fiction." The search for various creatures in the program's episodes include "Man Ape of Sumatra," "Nightmare of the Amazon," "Mongolian Death Worm," "Sea Serpent of the North," and "Swamp Monster of the Congo."

The program premieres Friday, March 4 with "Man Ape of Sumatra":

In the vast jungles of mystical Sumatra, locals have reported seeing a creature that looks something like an ape, yet it walks just like us. They've named it "Orang Pendek" - the little man of the forest. A recent scientific discovery proposes that another species of humans - nicknamed 'hobbits' - did once live in Indonesia. So could there be a new great ape waiting to be discovered? Or is it possible we're not the only human species living on earth? Biologist and beast hunter Pat Spain investigates.

See the Beast Hunter website at the National Geographic for more information including photos and video clips from the series. Check your local television listings for broadcast times.

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