Arts & Faith: Top 25 Horror Films

Arts & Faith has published their list of the top 25 horror films. The top 10 include:

1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
2. Vampyr
3. The Exorcist
4. Nosferatu
5. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1922)
6. Let Me In (2010)/Let the Right One In (2008)
7. Psycho
8. Night of the Living Dead
9. The Fly (1986)
10. Frankenstein

While I disagree with some of the entries on this list as well as their ranking, and would include others that aren’t listed, there area some great films here. Beyond this I appreciate that a website and publication dedicated to religious perspectives on the arts and faith were willing to not only consider horror, but recognize some of the leading examples of horror cinema and their contributions in the area of both art and faith. For those concerned about why horror and these films were considered, Jeffrey Overstreet provides some thoughts on the Arts & Faith blog. Given that this publication is influential in Protestant evangelicalism, I hope it opens doors for further consideration of this genre within this segment of America’s religious population.

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  • That is a good list! I think “Let the Right One In” is far superior to the American version “Let me in,” though. I also think Nosferatu ought to be a bit higher. Perhaps, the Original “Wicker Man” should be on there too. Thanks for this post

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