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SyFy's Face Off: Reality Show of the Fantastic

There aren't a whole lot of reality shows that are of any interest to me. Our current fascination with pop culture voyeurism is troubling, particularly in regards to some of the reality shows (and their "stars") that my teenagers find captivating. One recently came to my attention that is worth watching for fans of the […]

Fantastic Titles on the Fantastic

The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts is soliciting book reviews for various titles and I recently received a list. Following are a few that caught my eye. If only I had more time and funds for my personal library of the fantastic. The Scary Screen: Media Anxiety in The Ring, edited by Kristen […]

News of the Fantastic - February 26, 2011

There have been several worthwhile news items since my last post on news of the fantastic. Below are some of the more notable items. Those interested in receiving these items as they become available can do so via my Twitter or Facebook posts. Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Danger Baltimore is where Poe […]

New Trailers Worth Seeing: Dead Island and Midnight Son

I recently came across two trailers worth taking a look at. The first is for the new video game Dead Island, the latest in zombie survival horror. The trailer is as haunting as it is artistic due to the graphic imagery of a zombie attack in slow motion, but also in the creative way in […]

LOTTD Reflections: Cute Monsters and Horror

Recently Curt Percell of the Groovy Age of Horror blog suggested to those of us in the League of Tana Tea Drinkers (LOTTD) that we tackle a question: "What Do Cute Versions of Monsters Tell Us About Horror?" It's an interesting question to explore, and some of my fellow LOTTD members and I will try […]

Can You Identity This Photo?

Can you identify this photo? Careful, it's not as easy as you might imagine. Take a few moments to let it soak in before making a final judgment. Have an answer? Most people will be tempted to think this is a photo of an adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel with Vincent Price playing Robert Morgan […]

Interview at recently posted an interview with me. In the piece I discuss not only vampire folklore and mythology, as well as my favorite piece of vampire fiction, but also issues related to vampires as an identity group and vampires in popular culture in connection with various would-be monster hunters, Van Helsings who seek to warn […]

2011 Lemax Spooky Town Announced

Lemax has announced the 2011 Spooky Town collection. Highlighting the collection are 15 new houses and eight new animated items. From the Grinning Goblin Brewery to Horror High School to Spooky Town Gas 'n' Ghoul, there's a wide variety in the offerings this season. And it appears after reviewing the new line that it represents […]

Forthcoming Book - The Vampire Defanged: How the Embodiment of Evil Became a Romantic Hero

I just became aware of a new book that is scheduled for release in April 2011 that touches on the vampire in literature and popular culture. It is titled The Vampire Defanged: How the Embodiment of Evil Became a Romantic Hero (Brazos Press, forthcoming), by Susannah Clements, an associate professor and department chair in language […]

Arts & Faith: Top 25 Horror Films

Arts & Faith has published their list of the top 25 horror films. The top 10 include: 1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 2. Vampyr 3. The Exorcist 4. Nosferatu 5. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1922) 6. Let Me In (2010)/Let the Right One In (2008) 7. Psycho 8. Night of the Living Dead […]

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