Extraterrestrials and UFOs in the News

Two significant news stories surfaced over the last couple of days that involve extraterrestrials and UFOs. In the first story, several U.S. Air Force officers have come forward claiming that as recently as 2003 several bases with nuclear weapons were visited by and vulnerable to UFOs. As reports:

Claims of UFOs circling nukes and military bases are nothing new but what is new is the number of military personal willing to collaborate those sightings. It’s terrifying to think of someone or something being able to tamper with our nukes from a distance.

The Mail Online includes a more extensive discussion of this phenomenon in the U.S. and U.K. You can also view a CBC News clip that features an interview with one of the Air Force officers discussing his experiences on YouTube.

In the second news report various news outlets stated that the United Nations had approved a position for an “alien ambassador” who would serve as a point of contact for possible future extraterrestrial visitors. Although this story was widely circulated it appears to lack confirmation as the reports.

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  • Paul Meehan says:

    Re the UFO Conference, some of this stuff is really old news to UFO buffs, dating back to 1967. It’s possible that some of these incursions onto military bases may have been covert exercises in military preparedness. If these incidents are genuine, it illustrates the sad fact that our society is totally unable to come to terms with this phenomenon, even though it seems to represent a clear and present danger to our civilization.

    Re the UN alien “ambassador,” this is reportedly a hoax.

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