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News This Week: Intersections Between Christians and the Fantastic

Two items recently came to my attention that originate from the same source, that is, the interaction of Christians with elements of the fantastic. In this case the contexts are those of a former writer of vampire fiction, and comic fans. Anne Rice made news this week with an announcement that she had left Christianity. […]

Midnight Syndicate New Release: The Dead Mattter - 3 Disc Set

In my view Midnight Syndicate is one of the leaders, if not the leader in Halloween and horror music. They have proven so again with the release of their latest albums, and have raised the bar with the accompanying release of their first movie in a three-disc set as FearNet and Rue Morgue Radio recently […]

Culture, Identities and Technology in the Star Wars Films

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. With it came a lot of television programming related to the Star Wars series of films, and one included commentary from the editors and contributors to Culture, Identities and Technology in the Star Wars Films: Essays on the Two Trilogies (Critical Explorations in Science […]

Joseph Laycock: The Legend of Cain and Vampires in the Bible

Joseph Laycock continues to demonstrate that he is the up and coming religion and vampire scholar for the next generation. He recently wrote an article for Religion Dispatches titled "Vampire Bible: Will Smith and The Legend of Cain." The article begins with the recent announcement that Will Smith will play the Old Testament biblical character […]

Cleansing Our Sanctuaries: Ghost-Hunters and Home-Improvement

What do any number of ghost-hunting and home-improvement television programs have in common? Nothing, you might say? Don't be so sure. I am working my way through my growing stack of reading relating to the fantastic, and this weekend I read a few chapters in The Philosophy of Horror, edited by Thomas Fahy (The University […]

The Rise of the Monster Scholars

As I watched horror films when I was younger I especially appreciated those learned individuals who devoted their lives to developing expertise in the area of the monstrous. Perhaps the most iconic of such figures is Abraham van Helsing from Dracula, pictured in association with this post in the image at left as portrayed by […]

DEVIL Trailer: The Night Chronicles

The trailer for the horror film Devil from Universal Pictures is now available. This supernatural thriller is based upon a story by M. Night Shyamalan as part of a Night Chronicles series. It tells the story of a small group of people trapped in a stalled elevator in a high rise who come to learn […]

Open Salon: "What Does the Zombie Genre Say About the Modern West?"

Kim Paffenroth of the Gospel of the Living Dead blog, as well as editor and author of several zombie books, recently made a Facebook post which referenced an interesting item. It is an article at open salon titled "What Does the Zombie Genre Say about the Modern West?". This piece, by an author listed as […]

Facebook Network Page Launched: Fantastic Culture Preservation Society

After a few months of thinking about a few things related to the fantastic, and bouncing an idea off a few friends and colleagues, I've created a Facebook page in order to create a network for the individuals in the subcultures who appreciate horror, science fiction, and fantasy, which we hope will eventually make up […]

Search Called Off for Missing Utah Men

A little over a week ago the media relayed that three Utah men were reported missing by their families after leaving to search for the legendary Lost Dutchman Gold Mine north of Mesa, Arizona. Today the media is reporting that the search has been called off. One wonders what might have happened to these men […]

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