Amityville Horror Home and the Paranormal Entrepreneurial Mind

A few weeks ago it was announced that the house where the Amityville Horror events took place was up for sale. In 1977 Jay Anson wrote The Amityville Horror: A True Story which told the story of the Lutz family living in the home in Long Island, New York which was reportedly plagued by paranormal phenomena due to the murder of a family in the home in years past. Anson's book was turned into a horror film in 1979, and a remake in 2005, with a total of nine films devoted to the tale. Several books have also been published from various perspectives related to the house. Over the years skepticism has been expressed concerning the purported events, but this has not discouraged great interest in the house and its neighborhood over the years. Last month the house was put up for sale with an asking price of $1.15 million.

I have an entrepreneurial mind, but unfortunately I don't have the entrepreneurial funds to go with it. When I first heard of the sale of the Amityville Horror home I thought that if I had the investment funds I'd buy the house and during the Halloween season it could be turned into a haunted house. In the off season it could be used as a paranormal tour/ghost hunting location. Regardless of whether paranormal events took place in the house, given its reputation over the years there's gold to be made in its timbers.

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  • Moses says:

    John, you’re braver than me.

    That would be one awesome paranormal tour/ghost hunting museum. Maybe you could even turn it into a Bed and Breakfast and charge premium for the rooms most haunted .

  • crwm says:

    Problem is, the real Amityville house no longer looks all that much like the house popularized in the film. The infamous eye-like quarter circle windows are gone. There's an extension on the front, with a second story railing that obscures the windows on the second floor. When tourists come looking for the place, it looks different enough that they often drive right by. For the sake of profit, I think you'd have to budget in a major restoration just to convince customers that they were in the right house.

  • Well, in light of these comments, then if I come across the millions necessary to buy the house and start my horror venture I'll budget in remodeling funds to return the house's appearance to that of the films, and I'll include a horrific bed and breakfast aspect.

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