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Computer Animated Zombie Apocalypse in A.D.

What do you get when Pixar-style animation meets zombie apocalypse? A great looking piece of computer animation like A.D. This is a trailer for a promised longer film by creator Haylor Garcia. An interview with those who are working on this film can be found here at the Zombie Info website. If the completed film […]

Christians and Vampire Mythology

With the success of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series of books, and the subsequent films, at least in the minds of some in popular culture, it is only natural that others would want to cash in on religiously-infused vampire literature. Meyer incorporated aspects of her Mormon faith in her novels, and now evangelicals are incorporating their […]

The Crazies: Art Imitates Life in the Fractured American Dream

The Crazies, a remake of George Romero's 1973 horror film of the same name, is set to open February 26. The film's website describes it as follows: A husband and wife in a small Midwestern town find themselves battling for survival as their friends and family descend into madness in The Crazies. A mysterious toxin […]

Lexmax Spooky Town Village 2010 Announced

For those collectors and fans of the Lemax Spooky Town Village, the company announced their new 2010 line of items this week. As an example, the Transylvania Zoo is pictured with this post where classic monster fans will see the influence of Universal horror film characters, including the Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster, the Mummy, and the […]

Matt Cardin - "Gods and Monsters, Worms and Fire: A Horrific Reading of Isaiah"

Regular readers of TheoFantastique might recall my previous interview with my friend Matt Cardin of The Teeming Brain blog, and author of Divinations of the Deep (2002) and Dark Awakenings (2010). Matt and I follow similar pathways in our explorations of horror and religious studies, and in this interview Matt shares his thoughts on the […]

W. Scott Poole: Legion and "Mauled by an Angel"

My friend and colleague W. Scott Poole, author of Satan in America (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009), and the focus of a previous interview here, has a commentary posted in Religion Dispatches titled "Mauled by an Angel: Why Do Americans Need 'God's Secret Agents'?". In this article Scott looks at the action-horror film Legion as a […]

Star Trek Fandom as a Religious Phenomenon?

For a while now I've been composing an essay on a religion that finds metaphorical inspiration from pop culture, in particular The Matrix trilogy of films, a religion called, appropriately enough, Matrixism. In my exploration of this hyper-real spirituality, I considered a number of interesting research threads, including myth, science fiction narratives as sacred stories, […]

TheoFantastique Expands Relationship with

In an effort to expand readership, and to generate funding to help maintain this blog, TheoFantastique has expanded its relationship with Readers may have noticed that for some time now links have been included that connect to the TheoFantastique Store in concert with In posted commentary and interviews readers can click on links […]

Mark Dawidziak and Reflections on Kolchack: The Night Stalker

One of the enjoyable memories of frights for monster kids of the 1970s was Carl Kolchak who filled the role of The Night Stalker. Each week he used his journalistic skills and savvy to research the paranormal and the monstrous. I was privileged to learn more about this great series through an interview with Mark […]

Na'vi Religion and the Damanhurians

A lot of commentary has been offered on the religious aspects of Avatar. I have offered my own thoughts on this in a previous post. But with this entry I draw the attention of readers to the suggestion of Massimo Introvigne of the Center for Studies on New Religions that James Cameron may have been […]

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