The Democratic Party: Quiet Dignity and Grace

I saw an interview today with Dr. Lamont Hill, professor at Columbia University, who was providing commentary as a progressive on the current in-fighting and blame casting going on within the Democratic Party as a result of the Martha Coakley defeat in Massachusetts which Hill did not seem surprised by. My mind immediately went to the scene depicted in the film clip above for Young Frankenstein, only with a twist. Coakley's body lies on the table having just been infused with the electricity of President Obama and the Democratic Party which stands above her embodied by Dr. Frankenstein and his assistants. The stethoscope listens for signs of life but none are present. The experiment has failed. The filibuster-proof super majority is gone. But rather than expressing disappointment, the Democratic Party calmly says that "If politics teaches us anything we must accept our failures as well as our successes with quiet dignity and grace." But after only a few moments of composure the Democratic Party turns around to vent its anger and frustration upon the lifeless candidate. Whatever your politics, it's certainly an interesting time to live in, and the fantastic can help us think about current events in interesting ways. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

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