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Last year I discovered accidentally that Halloween begins early at Michaels stores when I sensed the first hints of fall and this wonderful holiday in the air in late August. Today I was out and about on a Sunday afternoon and I thought I’d poke my head into Michaels even though I was sure that the first weekend of August was way too early for stores to carry Halloween merchandise. To my pleasant surprise Michaels has begun to carry their Halloween merchandise with a small collection that will grow over the next couple of months. But even now the Lemax Spooky Town collection can be found in the store in its entirety.

Little needs to be said for those familar with Spooky Town, which represents one of the highest search engine hits that bring readers to TheoFantastique. But for those who have not heard of it this is a special set of Halloween collectibles that began in 2001 and which is focused around various themes, including Gothic and classic horror, Egyptian mummies, pirates, and southwestern frights. Spooky Town includes large pieces with light, sound, and many times motion, as well as smaller table top pieces.  For those interested in learning more about the background and history of Spooky Town see my interview with distributor Joe Davis, and my post on the 2009 product line.

I must say after standing in the Spooky Town aisle at Michaels with the various pieces creeking, groaning, and moving around me, I drooled with wide eyed wonder like a ten-year-old horror geek on Halloween night. Somehow Spooky Town manages to introduce new and interesting pieces each year, and 2009 is no exception. As in previous years, this year’s offerings include the Michaels exclusive pieces that include the House of Wax, Transylvania Transport, Flaming Skull Motorcycles, Morbid Manner, and the Spooky Town Express train. The new pieces will be a good addition to any collection as Spooky Town not only builds its imaginative collection, but also seems to provide greater attention to detail with each year’s additions.

The Spooky Town collection in my neighborhood Michaels is now selling at a twenty percent discount, but this won’t last long. I encourage collectors to visit Michaels early and often, and to add to their collection before they sell out by mid-October at the latest. As October approaches keep your eyes open for dramatic discounts as the store seeks to move its Halloween items in preparation for Christmas.

I’ll be seeing you at the Spooky Town aisle at Michaels as I feed this addiction for the next several months.

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  • Cory Gross says:

    I think it was last year that Michaels had a non-Spooky Town Halloween decoration that I really wish I had bought… It was a bust called “The Duke” that looked EXACTLY like Vincent Price. A freakin’ Vincent Price bust!!

    Unfortunately, I was pretty po’ last year.

  • JP says:

    I have been buying up all the new Spooky Town items since July. I had printed a bunch of 50% off coupons and used them to get nearly everything. It’s actually too bad they started putting them on sale for 20% off because you can’t use coupons on items that are on sale.

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