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Entertainment Weekly: Women and Horror

A recent copy of my wife's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine for July 31, 2009 includes an article with information that I found surprising. The piece is titled "Horror Films...and the Women Who Love Them!" by Christine Spines. I was not surprised to find an increasing presence of the feminine in horror, and that this has reshaped […]

Sci-Fi Insight on Current Events: The Slave’s Right to Punish His Persecutors

America seems doomed never to be able to move beyond its struggles with racism. Despite having elected an African-American president, and other great strides since the days of slavery and the Civil Rights era, charges of racism continue to haunt the country in pop culture. From Al Sharpton connecting race with Michael Jackson's death, to Jessie […]

Titus Hjelm - From Demonic to Genetic: The Rise and Fall of Religion in Vampire Film

A few weeks ago I was thumbing through the program for the American Academy of Religion conference that will be meeting in November of this year. One of the areas of interest is religion and popular culture, and several presentation topics caught my eye. One was by Titus Hjelm of the University College, London. He will be […]

Life Imitates Sci Fi Art

It has been said that art imitates life, but with the symbiotic relationship between the two, and the strong influence of various facets of art on popular culture, many times the influence moves in the other direction. This was illustrated over the last week or so in which it could be said that life imitates […]

Bride of Frankenstein: Censors, Perversity, and Religion

In my last post I mentioned one of the treasures included in my anniversary gifts from my wife. With this post I share a few reflections on the second gift, The Legacy Collection of Frankenstein by Universal Pictures. When I grew up I had an appreciation for various schools of horror films. I know that […]

Planet of the Apes: Intelligent Sci-Fi Past and Present

Remember that science fiction film franchise from a few decades ago that captured the imagination of young and old alike, and which opened the door for merchandising that is now the industry standard? While it is tempting to think of the adventures of those "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" as […]

Cinematic Coming Attractions of Promise

The remainder of 2009, and the first part of 2010, holds out promise for fans of fantastic cinema, and that's not including the legions of fans awaiting the next Harry Potter and Twilight installments. Three fantastic cinema attractions are of especially interest and on the radar for front row movie tickets over the next few […]

GOLEM: Journal of Religion and Monsters

Readers of TheoFantastique are encouraged to browse through the links included here. They are listed under two categories, the first being Enjoying the Fantastic that includes a number of websites that fans will enjoy. The second category is Exploring the Fantastic. This category is for those who want to go more deeply in understanding why […]

Of Sewers and Flukemen

Essay Accepted for Butcher Knives & Body Counts

I am pleased and humbled that my essay contribution to Butcher Knives & Body Counts: Essays on the Formula, Frights, and Fun of the Slasher Film (Dark Scribe Press, forthcoming) was recently accepted. The essay is titled "Slasher Films As Modern Chaos Monster Myths." The piece touches on the ancient chaos monster which was conceived […]

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