Interview with Joe Davis on Lemax Spooky Town


Last week I mentioned the 2009 line of products for the Lemax Spooky Town collection. With this post Joe Davis, a distributor for Lemax, tells us a little more about these interesting collectors items.

TheoFantastique: Joe, thanks for making some time to talk about the Spooky Town collection. I am a huge fan and can’t wait for the new releases each year. Can you tell me about how and when this line of products first came into being?
Joe Davis: The Spooky Town collection began in 2000 as an offshoot of the Christmas collection.  Initially, there were only four houses, 20 figurines, and a couple of table pieces.  It was only modestly successful in the first year, so no new items came out in 2001.  However, it really caught on in 2001, so there have been new items coming out every year after that.

TheoFantastique: How popular is the Spooky Town collection with fans? I’ve seen a few websites where fans collect and build whole Spooky Town cities. I’m not there yet, but hope to be in the future! Is this line as popular as your Christmas Town collection?
Joe Davis:  Things have really picked up for the collection increasing in popularity every year.  Three years ago, Lemax dipped their toe into adding a theme within the collection.  Coinciding with the release of the third Pirates of the Caribbeanmovie, there were a small number of pirate items added to Spooky Town.  Due to its success, the following year Lemax expanded into three new sublines: a pirate theme, an Eqyptian theme, and an Old West theme.
TheoFantastique: Any thoughts about the inspiration for the different pieces in the new lines that are introduced each year?
Joe Davis:  The factory is very secretive on what decisions go behind adding new products each year.  One thing I can say is that, obviously, previous years sales have an impact.  For instance, as time has gone on, more and more of the figurines are trending towards a “scary” look as opposed to earlier on when they were more “cute” for lack of a better word due to customer preference.
TheoFantastique: Can you talk about a few highlights for the 2009 product year, where people can take an advance look, and how and when they can place their early orders this year?

Joe Davis: Three of the new buildings featured this year hail from the sublines. Dry Gulch County Jail from the Old West Line, Black Jack’s Casino from the Pirate Line, and the Doomed Temple from the Egyptian Line.  Pictures of all the new items can be seen at:  http:www.Lemax-SpookyTown.Com/SpookyTown2009.asp.  Pre-orders for the new items will begin in February at a discount, until the actual shipment arrives sometime in June.  There is a scrolling news box on the homepage where information will be posted later in February.

TheoFantastique: Joe, thanks again for giving us some insights and a sneak peek for those of us looking to scratch this itch and feed our addiction for Spooky Town.

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