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Double Edge Films Presents: Ink

I received an email today from Double Edge Films making me aware of their new independent "urban sci fi fantasy" film Ink by filmmaker Jamin Winans. I had not heard of this before but am pleased to learn of yet another promising work of indie fantastic filmmaking. One of the trailers for Ink can be […]

Horror, Sci Fi, Taboo and Suicide

In a recent post I made my own selections for the Premio Dardo Award, a blogger to blogger recognition of a sound contribution to weblogging. One of my selections was Dread Reckoning that is part of PopMatters, a magazine of cultural criticism and exploration. Dread Reckoning is the work of Marco Lanzagorta who goes into […]

Wonder Awards 2009: Rationale of a Conflicted Contrarian

My latest contribution to Cinefantastique Online is now available. I was privileged to cast my votes for the 2009 Wonder Awards for films of the fantastic, and in so doing I was part of a few who did so in ways that might be construed as inconsistent. As I wrote in the introduction of the article: As […]

American Scary: A Tribute to the Golden Age of the Horror Hosts

American Scary, a new documentary is now available that I had the privilege of watching last weekend, is now available which represents a great film on an important aspect of pop culture that will take many down memory lane. This film is a nostalgic homage to the glory days of the late night horror shows […]

Premio Dardo Award Winner

I received a pleasant surprise this morning with a nomination from John Kenneth Muir of Reflections on Film/TV blog for the Premio Dardo Award. This is an award passed along from one blogger to another in appreciation for their work which "acknowledges the value that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, […]

Jasmine Day Interview - The Mummy's Curse: Mummymania in the English-Speaking World

One of my personal areas of interest and research which provides one of the emphases of this blog is the growing academic literature on horror, science fiction, and fantasy. A while back I was reading through the bibliographical material for one such work and I came across a volume that caught my attention because it […]

Interview with Joe Davis on Lemax Spooky Town

Last week I mentioned the 2009 line of products for the Lemax Spooky Town collection. With this post Joe Davis, a distributor for Lemax, tells us a little more about these interesting collectors items. TheoFantastique: Joe, thanks for making some time to talk about the Spooky Town collection. I am a huge fan and can't […]

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