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The Love War: A Legacy of the ABC Movie of the Week

The other day a memory of 1970s television came to mind in the form of a science fiction tale, but I couldn't remember the name of the program. Thank goodness for the Internet and Google. A quick search under "Angie Dickinson" and "Lloyd Bridges," connected to "1970s television" produced the result I was hoping for. […]

Chazz DeMoss: Cryptic Magazine and All Things "Terror-fying"

One of my favorite magazines that part of my Barnes & Noble viewing ritual is Cryptic Magazine. The Publisher, Chazz DeMoss, talks about the magazine and some of his other projects: TheoFantastique: Chazz, thanks for agreeing to discuss some of your many horror activities. To begin, how did your imagination come to be captivated by […]

Planet of the Apes Blue-Ray DVD Release

I'm a little late in promoting this information from a press release from Fox announcing the Blue-Ray DVD release of Planet of the Apes this November. I am a huge fan of the franchise as a formative one in my childhood interaction with sci fi, and last night's research in trying to track down Eric […]

Westworld and Logan's Run as Select 1970s Sci Fi Cinema

I've been reflecting on science fiction films recently in preparation for a future interview to be posted here. Years ago it was an encounter with science fiction, later fantasy films, and eventually horror, that produced a lifelong interest in the fantastic. For some reason two sci fi films from the 1970s have been on my […]

Monster Theory: Culture, Monstrousness and Ourselves

As I searched for reading materials related to the fantastic to add to my wishlist the description of Monster Theory: Reading Culture (University of Minnesota Press, 1996) struck me as intriguing: "Explores concepts of monstrosity in Western civilization from Beowulf to Jurassic Park. "We live in a time of monsters. Monsters provide a key […]

The Otherkin: Fantastic Texts, Pop Culture, and Neo-Religiosity

At times the lines between fact and fiction are blurred when it comes to the fantastic in popular culture and identification with the various characters and creatures that inhabit it. At times the lines are not so much blurred as they are dissolved. Christopher Partridge speaks of "fact-fiction reversals" that exist, and that as a result […]

Virginia Wexman on Polanski's Horror and Rosemary's Baby

  One of the very first books that I purchased wich explores horror films from an academic perspective was Gregary A. Waller, ed., American Horrors: Essays on the American Horror Film (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1987). The volume includes a number of intriguing essays, including one by Virginia Wright Wexman titled "The Trauma […]

Forthcoming 3-volume Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks

I recently became aware of a new and extensive book on the work of Ray Harryhausen that will be published this coming weekend. The book is coming out as part of a three-volume series called Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks. It is authored by Mike Hankin and published by Archive Editions and Ernest […]

Jumping Into the Haunt Industry: Nightmare on 13th Street

The Halloween season has already begun around the country, particularly in Utah. I have been enjoying the Michael's store collection of the Lemax Spookytown items, and Walgreens now has their Halloween items displayed. I understand that Big Lots! has their's in, and Wal-Mart and Target will soon follow suit. The hint of fall, and the […]

Post-Millennial Road-Horror

Texas Chainsaw Massacre I recently discovered an interesting academic source that explores horror and which I have included in my Exploring the Fantastic links, the Irish Gothic Horror Journal. This is a publication available in totality on the Internet, and as I reviewed the contents for various issues one of the items that caught my […]

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