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Darren Davis: Blue Water and Forthcoming "Vince Price Presents" Comics Series

Bluewater Productions recently announced one of their latest comic ventures, a "Vince Price presents" series. Following on the heels of the successful "Ray Harryhausen presents" series, this new production looks interesting. Darren Davis, President and Editor-in Chief for Bluewater, chatted with me earlier today about this project. TheoFantastique: Another blog made me aware of your […]

Interview: Miguel Gallego and AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits

Within the last couple of months I have been pleased to begin a relationship with Miguel Gallego who is the creative force behind AAAAA!! Indie Horror Hits as well as The Crypt Club. As I reviewed Miguel's websites and read a few interviews with him on the Internet I noted our overlapping areas of interest […]

Feast for Animation Fans

A number of items came to my attention this week that provided sustenance to my animation tastes. The Ovation TV Channel has been running a week-long series of programs devoted to the theme of animation. This has included Chuck Amuk: The Movie, a look at animator Chuck Jones known for his legendary work on Looney […]

The Loss of Stan Winston

Hollywood, the film viewing public, and the special visual effects industry lost a pioneer and giant when Stan Winston passed away last Sunday at the age of 62 after a long battle with multiple myeloma. Stan hailed from Virginia and at an early age his love for Disney cartoons, Universal Studios classic monters, and Ray […]

Starfest and Horrorfest: Brad Rusk Interview on Convention(s)

My friend Marc Lougee, producer of Ray Harryhausen Presents The Pit and the Pendulum, attended the Starfest Convention in Denver not long ago, and one of the people he introduced me to is Brad Rusk. Brad helps with the programming for the Horrorfest Convention part of Starfest, and he recently made some time to talk […]

Horror and Religion's Intimate Connection

In the past I've mentioned an interesting website that I stumbled upon, Constructing Horror, a website that serves as a resource for horror writers. One of the perspectives that they address is the connection between religion and horror, an area of research interest for me, and their current e-newsletter touched on this topic with the […]

Kids in Horror: Reflections on Why They Get Under Our Skin

Regular readers of this blog might recall that in a previous post I mentioned my involved with LOTT D, a group of horror bloggers committed to excellence as they rise above the all-too-common froth of superficial commentary in the blogosphere. From time to time the members of LOTT D emphasize the community aspect of their […]

TCM Essentials Jr. and 20 Million Miles to Earth

A digital marketing representative of Turner Classic Movies contacted me today to let me know about TCM Essentials Jr. The featured film for June 8 is Ray Harryhausen's classic 20 Million Miles to Earth. The website includes a number of pages that involve "fun facts" and video clips that will be of interest to those […]

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