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Antonia Levi: Anime, Manga, and Cultural Aspects of the Werewolf Tradition

Antonia Levi was one of the early pioneer scholars researching and writing on aspects of Japanese popular culture. She has lived in Japan, and is a fan as well as academic researcher on anime. She did graduate work at Tokyo University, holds a Ph.D. in Japanese history from Stanford, and has taught on Japanese history […]

Culture and Horror: Valerie Wee Sui-Lin, Ringu and The Ring

The Popular Culture Association has a subset of presentations that touch on horror and science fiction in popular culture. One of the more interesting presentations presented by Valerie Wee Su-Lin of looked at differing cultural aspects of the Japanese horror film Ringu constrasted with the American film The Ring. Valerie is an assistant professor in […]

Fido: Rewarding Zombie Comedy Provides for Social and Theological Reflection

This weekend I had an opportunity to rent a few movies, and as I perused the shelves of my local video store I noticed a small number of DVD boxes that immediately caught my eye as the film Fido (Lionsgate, 2007) jumped out at me. I first heard about this interesting zombie comedy through the […]

Wired Magazine: Manga Conquers America

The current issue of Wired Magazine, issue 15:11, is no newsstands and in bookstores now. The cover features the title "Manga Conquers America," and it is worth the reader's time who is interested in manga, or Japanese comics, and its relationship to anime, or Japanese animation. The online edition includes several features and online extras. […]

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