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Adam Possamai: Jediism, Matrixism and "Hyper-Real" Spiritualities

It is no surprise to readers of this blog that I have a great personal interest in the enjoyment and exploration of the fantastic in literature, film, and television, and that I believe these forms of contemporary mythos also provide us with important tools and forms for spiritual expression and exploration as well. In my […]

Jack Santino: Halloween, Folklore, and Death Festivals

Dr. Jack Santino is a professor in the Department of Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. His academic work has included an analysis of the cultural meaning of holidays and festivals. Among his many publications is the book Halloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life (Knoxville: University of Tennessee, […]

Reflections on a Zombie Supper

I realize that this post, well, at least the image that accompanies this post, will be off-putting if not repulsive for many evangelical Christian readers, or at least some of them, but try to withhold judgment for a few moments. I don't know the origins of the image that is an obvious zombie reinterpretation on […]

Pinewood Dialogues Horror Panel

I was recently made aware of an interesting panel discussion that took place in June of this year as part of the Pinewood Dialogues on film, television, and digital media. The gathering included a panel discussion on horror that is described in the following terms: "This discussion brought together critics and scholars to talk about […]

The Truth Is Out There: Inexpensive Book Copies for Sale

My friend Kim Paffenroth who writes on science fiction and horror, and whom I met this year at Cornerstone Festival when he spoke on his book on George Romero's zombie films, recently let me know that copies of his earlier book that he co-authored with Thomas Bertonneau, The Truth is Out There (Brazos Press, 2006), […]

James McGrath on Religion in Science Fiction

Dr. James McGrath is Assistant Professor of Religion at Butler University. Dr. McGrath not only teaches on Biblical Studies, but also on the interesting topic of science fiction in religion. This is a fascinating area of research interest for me, specifically as it connects with film and television studies, popular culture studies, and expressions of […]

Metaphysical Media and a Typology of Media Portraits of the Witch

As readers may recall, I have been interested in the intersection between various expressions of so-called alternative spiritualities, such as Western esotericism, Neo-Paganism, and Wicca, with popular culture and the media. Of particular interest is how film and television has depicted Paganism, and more specifically, the figure of the Witch. Helen Berger was very helpful […]

BlueWater Productions Comics: Interview with Darren Davis

Comic books are big business these days, and they attract the attention of not only children, but also many adults, and they increasingly provide creative concepts and stories for Hollywood films. Readers may be familiar with large comic production companies like Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse, but there is an up and coming comic company […]

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