New Discussion and Networking Groups, and Future Posts on TheoFantastique

The response to TheoFantastique and its subject matter has been better than I could have hoped. When I first launched the blog about a year ago I wondered whether I could find enough content, and an audience, for what I wanted to accomplish. Little did I know that I would be able to tap into my own reflections on the topic, and find many others willing to talk about the fantastic in popular culture. My thanks go to my readers and fellow contributors for making this blog successful.

Given the interest in this blog and its content I thought I would add two new features to enhance the experience. I recently created a Yahoo! group to facilitate ongoing and deeper discussion of the issues raised on this blog, and a Facebook group to faciliate social networking among fans and enthusiasts of the fantasic. I hope readers find these features useful as we continue to explore the fantastic together.

Readers may want to make a note about upcoming posts. In addition to my period blogging that includes commentary and academic analysis, readers can look forward to upcoming interviews including one with Darren Davis of BlueWater Productions comics; Jack Santino of the University of Pennsylvania will talk about the history and cultural influences of Halloween; Lance Weiler who produced the horror movie HEAD TRAUMA and is touring the country with the film as Head Trauma 2.0 ARG (alternative reality game) will talk about his film; Peg Aloi who writes on Paganism and media for Witchvox will talk about Paganism, fantasy, and entertainment; and James McGrath of Butler University will talk about religion and science fiction. We have a few other possibilities in the works, but they aren't confirmed, so we hope that those mentioned will be enough to wet readers appetites.

I look forward to our continued journey together as we explore the fantastic in popular culture.

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  • Steve Hayes says:

    I tried to post on the YahooGroup list, but it seems my post wasn't accepted -- apparenbtly I can only post ion groups that I moderate.

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