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New Discussion and Networking Groups, and Future Posts on TheoFantastique

The response to TheoFantastique and its subject matter has been better than I could have hoped. When I first launched the blog about a year ago I wondered whether I could find enough content, and an audience, for what I wanted to accomplish. Little did I know that I would be able to tap into […]

Anime and Popular Culture: Interview with Bill Ellis

Bill Ellis is Associate Professor English and American Studies at Penn State. He is well known for his contribution to folklore studies, in particular his books that include Aliens, Ghosts, and Cults: Legends We Live (University Press of Mississippi, 2003), Raising the Devil: Satanism, New Religions, and the Media (University Press of Kentucky, 2000), and […]

Interview with Comic Artist Richard Moore

Many who read TheoFantastique may enjoy comics and graphic novels, but few of us understand what goes into the creation and production of them. With this post we will gain a better appreciation of the inner workings of comics through an interview with Richard Moore. Rick is the creator of a number of comics, including […]

Interview with Ray Harryhausen Agent and Producer Arnold Kunert

As I have shared on this blog before, one of my major influences on my love for the fantastic and the imagination as a child (and continuing as an adult) was Ray Harryhausen, the noted stop-motion animator, special effects wizard, and science fiction and fantasy storyteller. Through my relationship with Marc Lougee as a result […]

Horror Over Terror and Videogames as Fresh Source for Exploring our Nightmares

For a while I've thought that there is a difference between terror and horror. And I'm pleased to find that others agree with me. For example, in Bruce Lanier Wright's book Nightwalkers: Gothic Horror Movies - The Modern Era (Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Company, 1995), he writes that in his view there are two kinds […]

Ray Harryhausen Presents "The Pit and the Pendulum": Interview with Producer Marc Lougee

This blog explores a variety of facets related to the celebration, enjoyment, and a deeper examination of the genres of the "fantastic," including horror, science fiction, and fantasy. As my readers may recall from a previous post on The Sci Fi Boys documentary, one of the most influential and moving forces in my childhood in […]

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