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Off to Cornerstone Festival

Tomorrow morning I leave for Cornerstone Festival and I will not return until Sunday afternoon. I will likely not be able to check email, and I will not be able to participate in the blogging world until next week. I hope I might have a chance to see some of my readers at the festival […]

Fears Over Speculative Fiction

The Religion Bookline section of Publisher's Weekly includes the following news item: Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour Highlights Nascent Genre "Four Christian speculative fiction authors from four different publishers are teaming up for the Fantastic 4 Fantasy Fiction Tour. After a kickoff July 9 in Atlanta at the International Christian Retail Show, the writers will visit […]

Occult-Tinged Fiction Revisited

A friend and colleague of mine who is a reader of this blog sent me an email recently with some thoughts in response to my last post on "Occult-Tinged Television." Since my friend sent this email to me privately in that he is working out his thoughts on this topic, I won't mention his name, […]

"Occult-Tinged" Television Programming

At the end of May The Wild Hunt Blog included an interesting post on the large number of "occult-tinged" television programs that were the focus of an article in The New York Times. Wildhunt discusses some of these programs: Among the new supernaturally themed shows premiering is "Moonlight" a vampire-themed romantic detective series on CBS, […]

Shinto and Liminality in Anime

Anime, or Japanese animation, is a popular form of entertainment in Japan, and it continues to attract a growing fan base in the United States. But how might American viewers best understand these expressions of Asian culture? Two articles by scholars writing on various anime films for Journal of Religion and Film (JR&F) provide […]

Stan Lee, Comic Fairytales, and Spirituality

I enjoy interviews with creative and artistic people, and one of the venues for this is a series called "The Directors" which appears on the Reelz Channel. Normally this series interviews film directors, but this last weekend they had a chance of pace when they interviewed comic book legend Stan Lee. The last question of […]

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