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Star Wars Turns 30: Reflections, and Reasons for Success

I was reminded tonight through television advertisements, and through a program broadcast live from southern California, that 30 years ago today the first Star Wars film began in U.S. theaters, and several months later it was on its way to becoming an international popular culture phenomenon. I thought I'd use the occasion to touch on […]

Pan's Labyrinth: A Grand Fairy Tale and Key to the World of Wonder

When I heard late last year that film director Guillermo del Toro had created a dark fairy tale, titled Pan’s Labyrinth in its international distribution, a film which he not only directed but wrote the story for, I couldn’t wait to see it. However, this involved a problem for me. While I am a fan […]

Christianity and Horror Redux: From Knee-Jerk Revulsion to Critical Engagement

Some of the more interesting responses I get to the inclusion of my interests in horror, science fiction, and fantasy in my Blogger profile are disgust and concern from evangelical and fundamentalist Protestants. Some have labeled such interests “macabre,” and others have wondered how someone professing a commitment to Christian spirituality could enjoy such things. […]

Tagged with Thinking Blogger Award

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads this blog, or whether those that do find it helpful. At least someone besides myself! And then I discovered a flattering comment on another blog referencing TheoFantastique. Apparently the Thinking Blogger Award is being kicked around, and various bloggers have been "tagging" each other with their suggestions as […]

Lint Hatcher Interview: Wonder, Mystery, and Spookiness

Lint Hatcher was one of the creative forces behind the now defunct (unfortunately) Wonder magazine. He has his own blog, Excuse Me, Ghidorah?, where he writes on topics near and dear to TheoFantastique. He is also the author of a number of great articles, and the book The Magic Eightball Test: A Christian Defense of […]

The Body and Horror

With my graduate studies drawing to a close I have finally had some time to expand my reading list, and one of the areas I have been exploring is religion and film, primarily as it relates to horror, science fiction, and fantasy. As part of my reading I have a stack of articles from The […]

Planet of the Apes and Social Dynamics

I am preparing for a "Faith and Film" course I will be co-teaching for Salt Lake Theological Seminary this summer, and one of the films I will be using is The Planet of the Apes (1968). I am reviewing various materials connected with it, and one of the resources I looked at again recently was […]

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