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1960s Counterculture, Dark Shadows, and New Mythologies

I have been reading a number of book on the historical and cultural context of the 1960s counter-culture in American, and one of the books I have found helpful and relevant to this blog's context is Robert Ellwood's The 60s Spiritual Awakening: American Religion Moving from Modern to Postmodern (Rutgers University Press, 1994). Ellwood includes […]

The Birds as Precursor to Nature Apocalypticism?

I am have been so busy with my graduate studies at seminary as the semester winds down and my writing projects need to be completed that I have not been able to devote nearly the attention to posting comments here on this blog. I'd like my posts to be substantial and academically sound, but in […]

Cautious Consideration of Christ-Figures

In a previous post I discussed the notion of alien Messiah or Christ figures that scholars and other commentators have seen in science fiction films. Of course, they have been seen in other genres as well, but my interest for the purposes of this blog is in relation to science fiction and related genres. I […]

Paul Leggett, Gothic Horror and Terence Fisher

Paul Leggett is one of the most interesting and unique Presbyterian pastors around. In fact, it has been said that Paul is probably the most knowledgeable Presbyterian pastor on horror films that one can find. I first met Paul at Cornerstone Festival in the Imaginarium, and have had the pleasure of hearing his insights on […]

Science Fiction and Alien Messiahs

One of the areas that has fascinated me in the study of the intersection between religion and science fiction is the impact of the Christian story upon the genre, particular the archetype of the alien Messiah. In our portrayal of extraterrestrials we tend to oscillate between two extremes, that of the evil alien intent on […]

Paul Teusner, Horror Films and the Construction of Religious Identity

Paul Teusner is another Australian "mate" of mine. I first encountered his work through an intriguing paper he wrote on horror and religious identity. Paul has experience in research and writing for Christian ministry work among youth, and is working through post-graduate research on religion in cyberspace. Paul's paper that I encountered is titled "Resident […]

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