Christianity and Horror

I did some poking around on the Internet over the weekend and discovered that TheoFantastique has already attracted the interest of several bloggers and has been added to blog rolls. I am surprised and humbled by this. I hope my comments and explorations here are worthy of the interest.

As I looked around the Internet for those exploring similar issues I discovered a couple of thoughtful posts on Christianity and horror. The first comes from the blog Elizaphanian where Rev. Sam comments on the topic with reference to an interview with Scott Derrickson, the director of the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

In my opinion, the horror genre is a perfect genre for Christians to be involved with. I think the more compelling question is, Why do so many Christians find it odd that a Christian would be working in this genre? To me, this genre deals more overtly with the supernatural than any other genre, it tackles issues of good and evil more than any other genre, it distinguishes and articulates the essence of good and evil better than any other genre, and my feeling is that a lot of Christians are wary of this genre simply because it’s unpleasant. The genre is not about making you feel good, it is about making you face your fears. And in my experience, that’s something that a lot of Christians don’t want to do, unfortunately.

Steve Hayes also comments on this specific issue on his blog, and includes his comments on horror and Christianity in general from time to time as well.

My mate Matt Stone has also taken the lead in promoting my new blog on his own wonderful blog Journeys In Between. He is a fellow fan in regards to these issues so expect some cross-fertilization and exploration of ideas between our blogs.

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