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B. J. Oropeza: Comics, Archetypes, and Superheroes

In my recent readings in religion and popular culture I checked the endnote references for an article and noted the name of B. J. Oropeza. This was somewhat surprising in that I was familiar with his work in the areas of theology and apologetics, but was unfamiliar (and pleasantly surprised) with his interests and work […]

Disney's Contributions to America's Halloween Mythology

Last year I had an opportunity to do some research in preparation for a series of presentations at Cornerstone Festival in the Imaginarium venue looking at a historical and cross-cultural perspective on the development of Halloween. Some of the materials that I interacted with noted a variety of influences in current America's celebration of this […]

Douglas Cowan and Sacred Terror: Part 2

Following is the second part of the interview with Douglas Cowan on the subject matter surrounding hisforthcoming book Sacred Terror. TF: In your book you discuss the "metataxis of horror." Can you briefly define this and how you discuss it in your book? Doug Cowan: The “metataxis of horror” refers to the process by which […]

Douglas Cowan and Sacred Terror: Part 1

Douglas Cowan is a leading scholar working in the area of new religions. Formerly he taught at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and he now teaches at Renison College/University of Waterloo. He is the author of a number of books, including Cults and New Religions: A Brief History (Blackwell, 2007); Cyberhenge: Modern Pagans […]

Rue Morgue magazine

While at Barnes & Noble today I came across a magazine that I found very helpful in that it not only explored the entertainment and popular culture aspects of horror, but also looked at the issue internationally as well. The magazine is called Rue Morgue: Horror in Culture and Entertainment. I have added it to […]

Planet of the Apes: An American Myth

One of the films that I found most enjoyable growing up was Planet of the Apes (1968). So many things stand out in this film, from the great musical score by Jerry Goldsmith, to the cutting-edge makeup of the time by John Chambers, to the great screenplay and twist ending by Michael Wilson and with […]

Archetypes, Myths, and Horror

The description on this blog states that it includes an exploration of archetypes and myths as they relate to fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Before I get too far on posting on this blog it would be a good idea to explain what I mean by this. While I have reflected on various elements related […]

Kim Paffenroth Interview: Zombies, Religion and Popular Culture

Kim Paffenroth is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College, New York. He has written on the development of religious ideas in the major world religions, as well as on the Bible and theology, but another interest of his is of particular relevance to this blog, that is the intersection of religion and popular […]

Sci-Fi Boys, Wonder, and Imagination

Last night I had the privilege of watching a two-hour program on the Sci Fi Channel called Sci-Fi Boys. This program interviews a number of leading artists in the entertainment industry who have contributed to various horror, science fiction, and fantasy films and asks them to share the influences that helped shape their imagination and […]

Christianity and Horror

I did some poking around on the Internet over the weekend and discovered that TheoFantastique has already attracted the interest of several bloggers and has been added to blog rolls. I am surprised and humbled by this. I hope my comments and explorations here are worthy of the interest. As I looked around the Internet […]

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