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I’ve been thinking about creating another blog for a while now. My first blog, Moreheads Musings, is devoted to issues related to religion, culture, and missions. At times I have also posted comments related to horror, sci fi, fantasy, and pop culture as they relate to religion. This blog will be devoted solely to the exploration of these topics. I may not post as frequently here as I do on my other blog, but at least I have a separate forum for self-expression on these topics, and discussion with people who share these interests.

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  • Sally says:

    John- I am so plaesed you have started this blog- as a fellow sci-fi/ horror fan I look forward to reading more!

  • Steve Hayes says:

    Very interesting. I recently posted on my blog about Christianity and the horror genre — will you be planning to include that as well?

    I’ll definitely blogroll this.

  • Steve Hayes says:

    PS – PLEASE turn on the “Links to this post” in your settings!

    The “blog this” feature in Blogger no longer seems to work, and in view of the theme of this blog, I think I will be making lots of links from mine!

  • Moses says:

    I love this site!! You the man, John!! THanks!

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